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Comment and get corrections!

So is the difference between missä and millä clear to you guys?
Think for a second then:

How do you say the following things in Finnish:
1. The lamp is on the ceiling and the bird is on the roof.
2. My watch is on my wrist.
3.  I have a hat on my head.
4. The painting is on the wall.
5. I travel by train. I sit in a train.
6. I'm at the bus stop.
7. I will be the in an hour.
8. My noseis bloody.
9. Let's meet at the school.
10. In a year there are 365 days.
11. In winter I skate, but this winter I don't.
12. I live in this country.
13. I live on the country side.
14. I live in Tampere and you live in Helsinki.
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