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A few more rections

Let's discuss some more rections that deal with the choice between -sta and -lta! It's confusing when two possiblities are present, but the choice between either is usually pretty simple. You just need to see the logic. Here's my explanation for the verbs "to search" and "to find".

1. Etsin pyörää monesta kaupasta. Löysin pyörän torilta.
Etsiä (to search) and löytää (to find) are verbs that can require TWO rections. There's the THING you search/find and the PLACE you search/find it. The thing you search will be put in the partitive ( for etsiä) or the genetive/accusative (for löytää), while the place for BOTH VERBS will be put in the elative (-sta) or the ablative (-lta).

Etsiä goes with partitive: "Etsimme lompakkoa." The reason for this is that searching is not an action that has a clear ending point. For verbs like etsiä that describe more of a process than an action to be completed, you use the partitive. Löytää is different, because it describes an action with a clear ending. "Löydän pyörän." (The finding of something is always an action with a clear action point: once you find it, the action is over) but "Etsin pyörää." (the searching has no fixed ending, you can either find the bike, or not). In this post I am not talking in detail about what to say when you're searching/finding MULTIPLE things, but let it be said that you will either use the T-plural or the plural partitive in that case. This could be the subject of another post, if anyone is interested!

The second possible rection for both etsiä and löytää is the -sta or -lta case. You search/find you wallet FROM a certain place in Finnish. Usually, you will use the elative (-sta): "Etsin kynää taskustani.", "Löysimme parkkipaikan kaupungista." or "Olen etsinyt mp3-soitintani joka paikasta!". The ablative (-lta) will be used for certain places that just as a rule always have the ablative: "Etsin rannekelloani asemalta", "Löysin kolikoita kadulta." You will also use the ablative (-lta) for situations where you find something of the TOP of something: "Etsin lompakkoani pöydältä" (the top of the table), "Etsin rahaa lattialta."(the "top" of the floor :p), "Etsimme katolta lintuja." (the top of the roof).

Comments and requests for future posts are always welcome!
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